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Discourse Analysis as Theory and Method - Marianne W Jørgensen

This seems to be, to large an extent, due to Laclau's stress on the ontological (rather than the ontic) dimension of identity, i.e. on the analysis of its “political logic” rather than its “content”. 17 May 2018 VideoScribe animation that introduces the work of Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe in relationship to power, politics and International  29Laclau and Mouffe's discourse apparatus conceives of meaning as arising from a system of differences (Laclau and Mouffe, 1985, p. 106). The central unit of   30 Mar 2021 The book accounts for intellectual development of the discourse theory of Laclau and Mouffe from a.

Laclau mouffe discourse theory

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In particular, this vein makes use of the theories of Antonio Gramsci, and sometimes of Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe's Discourse Theory (DT). From a methodological standpoint, there are no fully articulated sets of procedures specific to performing either Gramscian or DT-based discourse analyses. The ontological level is – in the theory of Laclau and Mouffe – a pure abstraction, to which they refer as the “discursive field”. As the name indicates, this field consists of pure discourse and is understood as a continuously flowing pulp of meaning (s), a surplus of meaning.


Hostility and Otherness A Social Theory of Discourse The foundation of Discourse Theory is a combination of post-Marxist social thought and post-Saussurian linguistics, which Laclau and Mouffe fuse together into a single all-encompassing theory of the social world (Laclau & Mouffe, 1985). Moreover, LACLAU and Mouffe’s discourse theory can help us to understand futuredevelopments based on better understanding of blank signifiers governing the discourses and even enter the domainof futures studies.

Laclau mouffe discourse theory

Discourse Analysis as Theory and Method - Marianne W Jørgensen

Laclau mouffe discourse theory

Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe's Hegemony and Socialist Strategy Towards a Radical Democratic  of discourse psychology and discourse theory is used as a methodological fra- Wetherell 1987; Potter 1996) och diskursteori (Laclau & Mouffe 1985) som  av L Palla · Citerat av 2 — The analytical strategy is built upon discourse theory, using the ideas of Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe. The results show a fortified  av L Palla · Citerat av 2 — The analytical strategy is mainly built upon discourse theory and discourse analysis, using the ideas of Laclau, Ernesto, och Chantal Mouffe. av AS Lundgren · 2011 · Citerat av 35 — and captions using the concepts offered by discourse theory. population ageing within a wider discourse of political economy and as a  av MA Vogel · 2016 · Citerat av 10 — The analysis is inspired by Laclau and Mouffe's Discourse Theory.

Scripted Where discourse ends: The discursive and the non-discursive in Laclau and Mouffe’s discourse theory and in Fairclough’s critical discourse analysis. / Kolankiewicz, Marta. Pondering on methods A variety of methodological concerns. ed. / Katarina Jacobsson; Katarina Sjöberg.
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Laclau mouffe discourse theory

(2018). The Dislocated Universe of Laclau and Mouffe: An Introduction to Post-Structuralist Discourse Theory. Critical Review: Vol. 30, No. 3-4, pp. 294-315.

At first, a feminist Laclaus and Mouffe's discourse theory is strongly influenced by  I have chosen to approach the bill by using Laclau & Mouffe's discourse theory. This discourses which are not compatible with each other on the basis of the  Drawing on Poststructuralist Discourse Theory (Laclau and Mouffe 1985 and beyond) and the so-called 'Logics of Critical Explanation' (Glynos and Howarth  This change has paved the way for discourse analysis as theory and method, and authors like Foucault, Habermas and Laclau & Mouffe have inspired discourse. Coleman, James (1994) Foundations of Social Theory.
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Moreover, LACLAU and Mouffe’s discourse theory can help us to understand futuredevelopments based on better understanding of blank signifiers governing the discourses and even enter the domainof futures studies. With this approach, the theory can also be … Laclau and Mouffe’s Discourse Theory In this chapter we present Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe’s discourse theory (sometimes abbreviated to discourse theory). We draw mainly on their principal work, Hegemony and Socialist Strategy (1985), supplementing this with a … approach is the theory of discourse developed by Ernesto Laclau and Chantai Mouffe, mainly in their co-authored work on Hegemony and socialist strategy: towards a radical democracy (2006). Laclau and Mouffe take into account the structuralist axiom that all … 2018-08-14 The discourse theory of Laclau and Mouffe, it is argued, is a model of discursive conflict: Political conflicts are understood as struggles between conflicting discourses that strive to impose their own system of meaning. This article starts by outlining this model as a theoretical framework as well as a set of instruments for Laclau and Mouffe’s Hegemony and Socialist Strategy (Laclau and Mouffe [1985] 2001) as a foundational text in Discourse Theory. And even the more recent and up-to-date overviews Gramscian Discourse Analysis. One prominent vein of discourse analysis, which has been used in the field of critical geopolitics, draws on neo- or post-Marxist ideas.

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Hegemony and Socialist Strategy is a 1985 work of political theory in the post-Marxist tradition by Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe. Developing several sharp divergences from the tenets of canonical Marxist thought, the authors begin by tracing historically varied discursive constitutions of class, political identity, and social self-understanding, and then tie these to the contemporary importance of hegemony as a destabilized analytic which avoids the traps of various This article assesses the current state of play of the poststructuralist and post-Marxist discourse theory associated with Laclau and Mouffe and the ‘Essex school’, and identifies ways forward at the level of theory development, research practice and critique.

Kategorier: Språk och  Post-foundational Discourse Theory (PFDT), initially developed by Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe, provides a systematic discursive perspective on political  This thesis brings concepts from discourse and power theories together (drawing on Foucault, Laclau and Mouffe, and Haugaard) to  The article's subtitle is "A discursive-theoretical analysis of the for this analysis is provided by Laclau and Mouffe's (1985) discourse theory,  An approach of discourse theory that takes inspiration from Laclau and Mouffe and Mouffe's discourse theory, mainstream schools, teachers' discourses  new theories of discourse: Laclau, Mouffe and Zizek. Malden: Blackwell.